Monday, July 15, 2013

All Caught Up!

I’ve mentioned it to various people at various times, but what I’ve been doing on this blog since I started is copying over my reviews from various sites where I have posted them over the years.  Along the way, I’ve been posting new reviews and other things.  The results?  A bit of a blur for me and for you, too, I’m sure.

But I am finished.  The last of the old reviews I wanted to copy over are now up on the blog!  From here on out, it will be new reviews.

What does that mean?  While there might be some days where you’ll see two or three reviews a day appear, for the most part I’ll be posting one a day.  And some days I might not even post anything.  Shocking, I know.

You’ll still find the mix of books, movies, TV on DVD, and music.  Heck, Hallmark just released the first part of their ornament line for the year, so I will be keeping up the ornament reviews as well.  And I might slip in some other things, too.  Basically, you’ll find the mix I’ve been posting the last few months, just at a much slower pace.

Having said that, I’ve been holding my reviews for most things in July since I was so close.  The next few days will see a couple posts a day as I catch up the backlog.

As always, I hope to point you to something you’ll enjoy.  That’s why I do this, after all.

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