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Ornament Review: Snow White's Jealous Queen - Unforgettable Villains #2 - 1999 Hallmark Ornament

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: Unique but still classic pose
Cons: Slightly unbalanced, but not a major issue
The Bottom Line
Queen will be jealous
If you don't buy ornament
Please pass the apples

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, What's the Fairest Ornament of Them All?

When it comes to villains, Disney has made some comical ones, some scary ones, and some mean ones.  And when it comes to pure mean, it’s hard to beat Snow White's Jealous Queen.  After all, she desires to kill Snow White just because she is beautiful.  Now how much more mean can you get?

The Evil Queen is also the subject of second in Hallmark’s Unforgettable Villains series, and they’ve caught her in a classic pose.  This is from the point in the movie where she is mixing the potion she used to disguise herself when she went to poison Snow White.  (And really, for someone so vein, she sure did turn herself ugly.  What was she thinking?)  She is holding a goblet with the potion in it up to the window so a lightning bolt can mix it well.

So that means that the Queen is standing with a goblet in her right hand raised above her head.  She has a serious expression on her face as she is concentrating on what she is doing.  Her robes are flowing around her feet.

I like this ornament because it isn’t the typical pose Disney does with the Queen.  Instead of standing there holding the box she wants Snow White's heart to be in, she is actually in action.  The sculpt itself is nice and captures the Queen and the moment well.

Because her robes are flowing so much, we can’t see her feet.  On the other hand, they make a great base, so setting the ornament out to display year round is very easy.

If you want to hang her – on your tree that is – you’ll find a hook at the top of her head hidden just behind her crown.  Despite her pose with one hand out, she is well balanced.  Her robes must off-set her hand because, while she does tip, it's not by much.

And yes, the series markings and other copyright information are on the bottom of the ornament.

The Disney villains have a following all their own, and if you are one of those who loves them, you’ll definitely want to add Snow White's Jealous Queen to your Christmas tree.

Be sure to check out all of the Unforgettable Villains series.

Original Price: $14.95

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