Saturday, July 13, 2013

Candy Review: Milky Way Simply Caramel

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: Milk chocolate and caramel.  Need I say more?
Cons: It's candy, so it tastes much better than it is for you

The Bottom Line
Delicious combo
Chocolate and caramel
What could be better?

Wonderfully Sweet Combination of Milk Chocolate and Caramel

I love caramel just as much as I do chocolate.  That’s one reason that the original Milky Way candy bar remains a favorite of mine.  But when they released the Milky Way Simply Caramel bar a couple years back, I fell in love with it, too.

The candy bar is just what you’d expect from the name.  The “milky way” part refers to the milk chocolate outside.  And the “simply caramel”?  The inside is a gooey caramel and nothing else.  The caramel is the right consistency, too.  A little bit might string out of the bar when you take a bite, but the candy bar isn’t hard to bite into like some caramel candy can be, but it’s also not so liquid that it runs at all.

And the taste?  Out of this world.  The caramel is sweet and tasty and the perfect compliment to the milk chocolate on the outside.  You can taste the caramel more than in the original because there is more of it.  Combined, it’s a great taste.

It’s so great, I could eat them all day, which is a problem because they aren’t good for you.  (Candy not good for you?  Stop the presses!)  There are at least two sizes to this candy bar, the standard candy bar size and the smaller bag of Fun Size bars.  I recently bought a bag of the fun size bars and the health stats are depressing.  One of these small bars contains 100 calories, 40 of them from fat.  Considering how many I sit and eat without thinking about it - well, um, I plead the fifth.  In addition to the fat, you get no vitamins or minerals.  Really, it's a great package.

None of this is surprising since there is not one ounce of healthy stuff in the ingredients.  It starts out with milk chocolate and then goes to corn syrup, sugar, palm oil and goes downhill from there.

But I simply have to recommend Milky Way Simply Caramel.  It’s hard to find a better combination of milk chocolate and caramel anywhere in this galaxy.

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