Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Ornament Review: EVE - 2012 Hallmark Limited Edition Ornament

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: Great representation of the character from the movie
Cons: Very white.  Tilts?
The Bottom Line:
WALL-E gets a friend
To hang on your Christmas tree
In good ornament

WALL-E Gets a Friend in the Limited Edition EVE

Back when the Disney/Pixar movie WALL-E came out, Hallmark released an ornament featuring the main character twirled up in a string of Christmas lights.  That ornament has been hugely popular with collectors, but they never did anything else with the film – until this year.  October saw the limited edition EVE released, and she a great companion ornament.

Like the character, the ornament is pretty much white.  She has a painted black face and blue eyes, but that’s about the only color on her.  Her right arm is down at her side, but her left arm is reaching out and holding a white light bulb.

And she is beautiful.  While I normally wouldn’t like an ornament that is so one color, there is something about this one that is just perfect.  Of course, the character herself is almost all white, so that is what they had to stick with.  If I had one suggestion, she should have been holding a Christmas light.  That would have added a little color to things.  As it is, the bulb tends to blend in with EVE.

They even made her in scale to the WALL-E ornament.  She is slightly larger than he is, which is appropriate since that’s the way the characters are in the movie.

There is only one way to display this ornament, and that’s to hang her from the hook at the top of her head.  Why is that?  Because the character comes to a rounded point at the end, so the ornament does as well.  No flat base means no way to set it up to display it.

However, a Christmas ornament is supposed to be hung, right?  So slide a hanger through that hook, and you’ll find she hangs, well…that's an interesting question.  She appears to tilt slightly to the right, almost like she is flying that direction.  But since her head is tilted slightly, it might be an optical illusion.  Still, this isn't a big issue.

As I said, this ornament was a limited edition release, and it seems like she is already disappearing fast, at least in the stores in my area.  If you want her, I suggest you get your hands on a copy as soon as you can.

Because everyone needs a companion.  And the perfect companion for WALL-E is this EVE ornament.

Original Price: $12.95

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