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Ornament Review: Season's Treatings #4 - Coconut Snowman Cake - 2012 Hallmark Ornament

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: Cute and delicious looking cake ornament
Cons: Some people don't like some of the color choices
The Bottom Line
Yummy coconut
In delicious snowman cake
A fun ornament

Let It Snow ... Coconut

When it comes to Christmas goodies, the possibilities are endless.  Of course, I don't make that many myself, so I'm always anxious to see how the Season's Treatings series from Hallmark progresses.  Each year features a different sweet treat, and for 2012, that treat is a Coconut Snowman Cake.

The cake is lying on a tray that reminds me very much of the cookie sheet from the first ornament in the series.  There are some difference, like the upward curve to the edges.  But the biggest change is the color, red.  That alone makes this one stand out from the earlier entries in the series since they all had silver backing.

Taking up the majority of this tray is a white snowman cake.  The snowman is made up of two circles, the smaller for the head and a slightly larger one for the body.  The cake has some decided texture to it, which makes it obvious is has plenty of coconut in it.  You can see it just by looking at it, but if feels nice and rough as well.

But what is a snowman without some other decorations?  (Two lumps of coconut cake in this case.)  The snowman is wearing a black top hat with a bit of holly on it.  He's got two black licorice arms, one of which even sticks over the side of the tray.  He's got two peppermint hard candy buttons and a green and blue scarf with 2012, the year of initial release, written on it.  The hat and the scarf don't look edible to me, but the rest of the decorations look like they could be eaten.

So, what about the face?  He's got a carrot for a nose (leaning to the side), and another piece of licorice for a smiling mouth.  His eyes?  Well, his eyes appear to me to be circles of pink frosting with black dots in the center.  I'm not quite sure what they are supposed to be.

And that brings up the biggest controversy of this ornament.  Personally, I like the ornament, however, so fans are very disappointed in it.  And their biggest complaint?  The pink eyes.  I'll admit they look more vivid in the pictures than they do in real life, but I find it adds a nice bit of color.

Surrounding the snowman, there are three more peppermint hard candies near the bottom of the tray and a blue bowl full of white fronting near the top.  Just above this bowl is a green spatula with a hint of frosting on it.

Another complaint against this ornament is the red color of the background.  And I will admit this one is red and really stands out, especially from the rest of the series.  But if you think of a white cake on a silver tray, well, personally I think it would be boring.  Overall, I love how this ornament looks.  It's mainly red and white, which will look gorgeous on a green Christmas tree.  The other colors work well to accent the red and white, so overall it looks great.

The ornament does lay flat on its back, but it's flat.  It really won't look good if you set it out that way.  It does allow them a large surface for the 4 in a Christmas tree to denote it's place in an official Hallmark series.

There is a brass ring for hanging the ornament in the upper right hand corner of the tray.  When you hang the ornament, it hangs at a jaunty angle, and it looks cute doing it.

While there are some complaints about this ornament, I find that I really like it.  For those who love Christmas treats or just treats in general, the 2012 Coconut Snowman Cake addition to Season's Treatings is a must own Hallmark ornament.

And check out the rest of the Season's Treatings series.

Original Price: $9.95

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