Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Ornament Review: Community Church - Noelville #4 - 2009 Hallmark Ornament

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: Colorful and creative gingerbread church
Cons: Door a little too open; price increase
The Bottom Line
Sweetest church I've seen
Warm and inviting inside
Fun when lit or not

Sweet Time of Worship in Noelville's Community Church

I started collecting Hallmark ornaments in late 2009, and one of the first series to cross my radar was Noelville.  Even before I took a look at the others in the series, I knew I'd be getting that year's entry.  Community Church was so much fun.

All of the buildings in this series are gingerbread houses, so it's no real surprise that the walls of this church are brown.  But all the sides have big stained glass type windows.  They are just bright colors, and if they are supposed to be a certain kind of candy, I'm not sure what it is.  There are life savers for the tiles on the roof (appropriate if you ask me).  As usual for this series, there are gumdrop bushes around the church.  But my favorite touch is the steeple.  It's an upside down ice cream cone sitting on two squares of chocolate.  One side of the front door is open, and there's a little gingerbread man minster in front of the other door to welcome you.

The added draw of this series for me is the light effect.  The back of the church has an opening for a standard Christmas tree light.  You put a bulb in there, and lots of things light up.  Naturally, the windows light up.  The bushes around the church light up.  And the life savers on the roof light up as well.  While the windows might be too much on a normal church, they work well for this candy themed church.  As fun as I think it is normally, I love it when lit up.

The only flaw with the ornament is the front door.  It's open just a bit too wide.  There is a yellow piece of plastic there that glows when lit, but if you look just right, you can see the bulb inside.  It's a small flaw, however.

As with Hallmark's other building ornaments, this one has a nice base of white snow that allows it to sit flat if you display it on a shelf.  Speaking of snow, this ornament has plenty of glitter to catch the light (and come off on your hands).

The ornament is perfectly balanced, so if you hang it from the hook in the middle of the roof, it hangs perfectly straight.  The only catch will be hanging it at just the right distance from a light to get the bulb in the back without making the ornament tip too much.

The price point for the series jumped $2 with the release of this ornament.  Thanks mainly to the steeple, this one is the biggest in the series so far, so I can understand why.  It's just too bad that it seems to have stayed this way for others in the series.

My only complaints with this ornament are minor.  Overall, I love Community Church.  It's another delicious addition to the town of Noelville.

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Original Price: $18.50

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