Friday, June 28, 2013

Ornament Review: Hello, Snow! - 2011 Hallmark Ornament

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: Beautiful ornament with great music and light effect
Cons: Expensive
The Bottom Line:
Pooh and Piglet make
Snow seem enchanting even
To warm weather guy

Hello, Snow!  You are Lovely - at Least on This Ornament

While I don't mind Winnie the Pooh, I'm also not the biggest fan of the character, so my Christmas trees don't have much with him on them.  I made an exception this year for Hello Snow!  The ornament is so lovely I just had to get it.

The ornament features Pooh and Piglet traveling through a wonderland of freshly fallen snow.  Pooh is leading the way with lantern in one hand while he pulls Piglet on a sled with the other.  The ground they are passing through is so fresh with "snow" that they are leaving tracks behind him, a touch I just love.  The ground is white and topped with glitter, which is pretty but tends to stick to your fingers.  They are passing under a tree with some snowflakes hanging from the branches.  There's even a cardinal in the tree to add just a touch more color.

I'm a bit surprised that this ornament wasn't part of Hallmark's Wonder and Light series.  With the music and light, it seems like a natural fit, and the price point was right.  However, it is in their "Magic" line of ornaments.  It takes three button batteries, and when those are in, you can press a button in front of Piglet.  The lantern in Pooh's hand glows and you hear an instrumental version of "Let it Snow."  It's heavy on the flute and very pretty.

The ornament sits on a flat base, so you can set this ornament out somewhere and enjoy it.  If you want to hang it on your tree, there's a brass ring in the middle of the tree.  When you hang it, it ornament actually tips forward and slightly to one side.  It's noticeable, but you should be able to straighten it out with another branch on your Christmas tree.

The branches on the tree look like they could snap off if you drop this ornament, so it's one to be especially careful with.

Between the white tree and the white base, this ornament does a good job of conveying the feel of new snow.  Yet Pooh and Piglet give it enough color to keep it from being monotone.  In fact, the overall effect is rather pretty.  But it was the lantern lighting up and the beautiful version of the song that sold me on this one.  Ultimately, I just couldn't resist.

While I am not a huge fan of real snow, I do find Hello Snow! charming.  This is one Winnie the Pooh ornament I am thrilled to have.

Original Price: $29.95

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