Friday, June 28, 2013

Ice Cream Bar Review: Magnum Dark Ice Cream Bars

Stars: 4 out of 5
Pros: Good combination of dark chocolate and vanilla ice cream
Cons: Dark chocolate makes these a bit bitter.
The Bottom Line:
Love dark chocolate?
These ice cream bars are for you
Even I'm impressed

Magnum Dark - Delicious but not Enough to Make Me Completely Rethink Dark Chocolate

I know, I know.  Dark chocolate is all the rage right now, at least in my circles.  But I usually find it too bitter.  I much prefer milk chocolate.  That's why I was surprised when I tried Magnum Dark and discovered that I actually liked it.

Magnum ice cream bars have long been available inEurope, but they just made their way to the states about a year ago.  Since then I have indulged multiple times in the mix of vanilla ice cream and Belgian chocolate.  This particular bar features a coating of dark Belgian chocolate.

My change of heart on dark chocolate is not because this chocolate isn't as bitter as dark chocolate can be.  When you bite into the bar, there is no mistaking the dark chocolate flavor.  However, the vanilla ice cream helps offset it.  I wish the ice cream had a bit more flavor, but what is here works to create a flavor that is pretty good.

Of course, how can you go wrong when you've got milk, cream, sugar, and cocoa butter as the main ingredients of the bar?  Not surprising, the bars are currently listed as containing 240 calories, 150 of them from fat.  Despite claims that dark chocolate in small doses is good for you (Is the chocolate industry funding those studies?) I think over indulging in these bars would be very bad for you.

And that's why when I indulge in a Magnum bar, I usually go for one of their other flavors.  I like this one, but there are others I love, and I'm going to stick with them.

Speaking of indulging, these bars are also more expensive than your normal ice cream bar, even ice cream on a stick bar.  These should be viewed as a treat or both your wallet and waist will complain.

But if you are looking for a dark chocolate ice cream bar, you can't go wrong with Magnum Dark.  They're certainly delicious if not nutritious.

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