Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Ornament Review: Berry-licious! - Christmas Cupcakes #3 - 2012 Hallmark Ornament

Stars: 3 out of 5
Pros: Cupcake looks delicious as always
Cons: Really feels more like summer than Christmas
The Bottom Line
Good enough to eat
But missing the Christmas theme
Makes this entry weak

Delicious Looking Cupcake, but Where's the Christmas Spirit?

I started the Christmas Cupcake series because I really enjoyed the holiday take on the icing.  So that's my major disappointment with Berry-Licious!, the third in the series.  It looks great, but it lacks that Christmas touch.

Like the others in the series, the ornament is a cupcake.  In this case, we've got a chocolate cupcake in a green foil.  The green is a dirty green, so it matches well.  There's a layer of glitter on top of the chocolate masquerading as powdered sugar.

So far so good.  But then we come to the frosting.  It's several layers of pink with a small strawberry on top.  It looks delicious.  If this cupcake were real, I'd grab one and enjoy.

However, like the others in the series, this one is made from felt, so I can't eat it.  That means I get to display it on my tree.  But outside the pink color, I really don't see how it connects to Christmas or winter.  Strawberries are a summer fruit.  And the frosting doesn't look like a poinsettia or wreath like the previous two years.

Being the third ornament in the series there is a 3 in a Christmas tree on the bottom of the cupcake.  And it does have a flat bottom, so you can set it out to display it no problem.

Instead of a ring, there's a red looped piece of thread coming out of the cupcake.  Slip a hook through it, and it hang straight.

As I say, the ornament itself looks very nice.  And if I were looking for a felt cupcake decoration for summer, I'd love this one.  But since it's supposed to be on a Christmas tree, it's just a little disappointing.  Give me some kind of something that works with the theme, please.

Still, I seem to be alone in my opinion.  I know collectors who loved this one because it looks so pretty.  And I certainly can't argue with that.

So maybe I'm in the minority, but I hope future editions of the Christmas Cupcake series have more of a winter or Christmas theme than Berry-Licious!

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Original Price: $9.95

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