Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Ornament Review: Christmastime is Here - 2011 Hallmark Ornament

Stars: 4 out of 5
Pros: Great song and fun motion with Peanuts characters
Cons: Tilts; expensive
The Bottom Line:
Love characters, song
Don't love the price and the tilt
Still couldn't resist

Nostalgia Gets Me Again

I resisted as long as I could.  I mean, I didn't buy the 2011 Hallmark Peanuts ornament Christmastime Is Here! the weekend it came out.  In fact, I had convinced myself I didn't need it.  That is until it sold out at a few stores in the area.  As soon as I found it in a store, I bought it.

See, I love the comic strip Peanuts, and this ornament features 5 characters from the strip.  Lucy is ice skating by a Christmas tree covered in snow.  In a circle around Lucy and the tree, Linus is sledding in a box, Snoopy and Woodstock are sledding in his supper dish, and Charlie Brown is sledding on a sled.  Around the outside of this large circular ornament are a few more Christmas trees, a snowman, and Snoopy's doghouse.

The ornament really is a large circle with about a three and a half inch diameter.  Even so, the figures are small to allow for the workings of the "magic" part of this ornament, Hallmark's term for any motion or sound.  In this case, there's both.  Hanging from the bottom of the ornament is a cord you pull to get things started.  And make sure you pull it all the way or it messes up the sound.  You get the first two lines from the song "Christmastime is Here" from A Charlie Brown Christmas.  This part of the magic requires three button type batteries, and the first batch is included.

Also when you pull the string, Lucy spins as she ice skates and the other three sled around on a circular track.  It's a fun addition to the ornament, and I love it.  But what really got me is the song.  I love that special and that song in particular, and no where is it as good as it is in the special.  Ultimately, that's why I broke down and bought it.  I love the song too much to resist something based on it.

So why did I hesitate?  Firstly, the price.  The ornament is $34.95 new, and that is a huge chunk of change, especially with how small and delicate everything is.  It really looks like the figures or some of the decorations around the outside could break off if you aren't careful with them.  Finally, when you hang the ornament, it tips noticeably of the left.  For the price, it seems like the ornament could be balanced better.

But my love for the song overcame my objections.  And I really do like it.  I must not be the only one with fond memories of the special because Christmastime Is Here! has been popular this year despite the expensive price.

Original Price: $34.95

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