Sunday, June 30, 2013

Ornament Review: Toymaker Santa #6 - Sled - 2005 Hallmark Ornament

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: Mostly perfectly tilted ornament to capture the fun
Cons: Side to side tip, but a minor issue
The Bottom Line:
Hearty Ho Ho Ho!
As Santa enjoys his job
Testing out this sled

Santa Proved Just How Much Fun Testing Toys Can Be

You know, I think it's time for a career change.  I need to find a job as a toy tester.  It would be a sacrifice, but one I'm willing to make to guarantee that the toys will be fun for boys and girls.  My inspiration for this?  The 2005 entry in Hallmark's Toymaker Santa ornament series.

While all of the ornaments in this series show Santa testing out the toy he's just finished, it's this one that really show just how fun it can be.  Santa's sitting on a sled.  The body of the sled is wood, but the bottom part is red.  Santa's holding onto a green cord with one hand and his hat with the other.  He's leaning back on a bag of toys as he goes flying down a steep hill.

While Santa's trademark squinty eyes and smiling mouth don't always work with the pose, here they perfectly capture that look of fun as he goes careening down the hill.  Like others in the series, Santa is wearing his work apron over green and red clothes; he even still has his hammer attached to the apron.

To help with the illusion that Santa is sledding down a hill of snow, the ornament tips when you hang it by the brass ring on top of Santa's head.  It's at the perfect angle for the illusion.  While he also tips to one corner, it doesn't ruin the illusion much.  Because of the sturdy base of the sled bottom, you can set this one out to be displayed, but it really ruins the illusion and doesn't look nearly as good as it does when you hang it.

As I said, this ornament was released in 2005, so I'm sure you won't be surprised to learn that 2005 is painted on the side of the sled.  The copyright information and Hallmark's series marking are hidden on the bottom of the sled.

This is definitely one of the more fun entries in the series.  I just can't help imagine a joyous "Ho, Ho, Ho!" coming out of Santa as he sleds right past me when I look at it.  And that makes me smile.

So the 2005 Toymaker Santa has inspired me.  I'll be right here waiting by the phone for my turn to have as much fun as he does testing out toys.

Be sure to check out the rest of the Toymaker Santa series.

Original Price: $12.95

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