Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Ornament Review: Season's Treatings #1 VIP Repaint - Sugar Cookies - 2010 Hallmark Ornament

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: New take looks as good as the original
Cons: Very similar to another ornament (but that is the point)
The Bottom Line
Familiar cookies
New frosting looks great on them
Delicious and fun

New Frosting for Some Popular Sugar Cookies

I hadn't been collecting Hallmark ornaments all that long when I was introduced to the concept for the repaint (sometimes called a colorway).  Basically, Hallmark takes a popular ornament and puts new colors on it.  Usually, these are limited pieces that immediately attract the attention of collectors and start to fetch a higher price.  But sometimes they'll use them to help entice a collector into a series they might be thinking about starting.  That was the case with the 2010 repaint of the first in the Season's Treatings series.

When the Season's Treatings series started in 2009, no one expected just how popular the ornament would be.  It sold out long before Christmas, and the prices in the secondary market went through the rough, especially for something that started out at $10.  It is a simple enough ornament, three frosted sugar cookies on a cookie sheet with a rolling pin.

To help collectors who might have missed it, Hallmark released a repaint in 2010.  It was part of the VIP bag that Hallmark rewards loyal customers with.  The design is still the same, three cookies on a cookie sheet.  It's the same three cookies and the same size.

What has changed are the colors.  The most notable changes are to the rolling pin (green instead of red) and the Christmas tree (white instead of green).  The snowflake cookie is now a lavender color, and the snowman is now decked in a festive green and red instead of blue and purple.  The year on the rolling pin also reads 2010, the year this repainted ornament was released.  All three cookies have just a hint of glitters - just enough to catch the light and add some sparkle but not enough to get all over everything.

Because this isn't the official first in the series, the 1 in a Christmas tree that was on the back of the original isn't to be found here.  But I know some collectors who are treating this as if it were the first in the series.  After all, they got it for a fraction of the price filling this gap in their collection would actually cost them.

The cookie sheet is flat, so you can lay it on a shelf or table to be displayed, but this ornament really cries out to be hung.  There's a small loop in the upper left hand corner you can use to hang the ornament.  Since that ring is in a corner, the ornament hangs at an angle, but since the 2010 is level, it's quite obviously on purpose.  Frankly, I think that angle adds to the fun of the ornament.

So if you've missed getting the original Season's Treatings ornament, this repaint is a fun way to fill in the gap.  Personally, I like having them both so I can rotate which one goes out in various years so I see some different things on my tree.

And check out the rest of the Season's Treatings series.

Original Price: Free with purchase, valued at $9.95

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