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Ornament Review: Snowman - Yuletide Treasures #3 - 2008 Hallmark Ornament

Stars: 4 out of 5
Pros: Looks very nice
Cons: Simple action
The Bottom Line
Simple movement but
Vibrant colors make this one
A fun addition

Snowman is a Typical Pull String Toy but Still Makes a Nice Ornament

When I hear pull string toy, I think of something where the arms and legs move out in jumping jack fashion when you pull the string.  But that's only the case with one ornament in Hallmark's Yuletide Treasures series, the third one in the series.  It makes Snowman a little simple, but he's still a good ornament.

This is definitely a case where no picture does the ornament justice.  The colors are vibrant, which really helps breath some life into the ornament.  The snowman is made up on a ball for a head and a cone for a body, not the traditional balls of snow.  Naturally, he's got arms and legs sticking out of the cone.  He's white - at least the parts that aren't covered.  The dominant color is turquoise.  It's the trim on his red hat and the main color in his coat.  He does have a red scarf and the gold decorations that help tie him into the rest of the series.  On his feet he's got ice skates.  Between his gloved hands, he's holding a string with some decorations and tiny bells on it.

In addition to being an ornament, this is a working pull string toy.  The string dangles down between his feet and features a decorated snowflake as the weight.  As I already stated, when you pull the string, his arms raise and his legs kick out.  The bells make a bit of noise, but that's about the only extra you get in the motion department.

With his ice skates as the bottom most point of the ornament, it's no surprise to me that he doesn't stand up at all.  He hangs straight from a little brass hook near the top of his hat, however.

Snowman is a bit simpler than the other ornaments in the series, so it's not one I gravitated to at the beginning.  And the predictable pull string action doesn't help.  However, the colors make it much prettier than any picture can capture.  It's not the best in the series, but it is still a good ornament.

At some point, Yuletide Treasures had to do the jumping jack pull string toy, and that job fell to Snowman.  That makes him simple, but he's still pretty.

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Original Price: $16.50

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