Sunday, June 23, 2013

Book Review: Darkwing Duck - F.O.W.L. Disposition by Ian Brill (Darkwing Duck #3)

Stars: 4 out of 5
Pros: Fun characters in a good story
Cons: One strange twist (even for Darkwing) in the climax
The Bottom Line
Darkwing fighting F.O.W.L.
One strange twist to the story
But it's mostly fun

Nothing F.O.W.L. About this Book

When I discovered that Darkwing Duck has continued his adventures in the pages of comic books, I was thrilled.  F.O.W.L Disposition is the third story, and it's as delightful as the first two.

Darkwing Duck was an animated TV show from Disney in the early 90's.  Based on classic comic books, Darkwing was a secret identity of a Batman like superhero that found crime using some nifty gadgets and plenty of luck.  His ego was a bit too big for his real abilities, but he always managed to save the day in the end.

So far, the books in this new series have followed each other in exact continuity.  This one references a few things from the previous books, although this story pretty much stands on its own.

Out alone patrolling at night, Darkwing Duck answers the alarm at the library where it is being robbed by Steelbeak.  He claims he was doing it to get Darkwing's attention because he desperately needs the hero's help.  Seems that F.O.W.L. High Command has come up with a horrid plan to take over the planet, and only Darkwing can stop them.  The catch is, has Steelbeak really turned his back on his old organization, or should Darkwing Duck trust him?

While I preferred Darkwing's battles against some of his other foes more that Steelbeak, this guy could provide an interesting plot, and that's the case here.  In addition to Darkwing's attempts to stop the evil afoot, his adopted daughter Gosalyn and his girlfriend Morgana get into the mix.  This leads to a confrontation with Darkwing's ego that might mark a turning point of the character, especially if they keep up with continuity like they promise they will.

As a result, the plot is very fast moving since we're juggling what three different groups are doing to try to brings things down.  I saw parts of the climax coming early on, but at the same time they went in a wacky direction.  Yes, they often pulled random things like this on the show, but I'm not sure this one would have worked there, either.  Honestly, that was the biggest weakness to the story.  The final panels set up the next chapter in this epic, and I already can't wait to see what happens next.

The art work is once again great.  The characters from the show have been faithfully captured, so you'll have no problem knowing who they are.  Likewise, the action is well portrayed, so it is easy to follow.  And you'll want to check out all the panels for some cameos by Disney characters from outside this franchise.

While not perfect, F.O.W.L Disposition is another fun adventure for Darkwing Duck.  I'm glad I've found these comic books.

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