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Ornament Review: C-3PO - Star Wars #7 - 2003 Hallmark Ornaments

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: Perfect sculpt that captures this fan favorite character
Cons: A few minor issues; sound would make it more fun
The Bottom Line
C-3PO will
Recommend against skipping
This great ornament

Is the C-3PO Ornament Fluent in More Than Six Million Forms of Communication?

Every story needs some comic relief.  A little added comedy can make the characters more real and draw the audience into the story.  In the Star Wars saga, the role of comic relief goes to C-3PO.  This interpreter droid hates the fact that he's gotten caught up in the fight again the Empire and is always providing his pessimistic take on events.  And he's also the subject of the seventh entry in the Hallmark Star Wars ornament series.

This ornament is a perfect version of the robot from the films.  He's mostly gold colored and he really reflects the light, which makes him stand out.  His middle is exposed wires, just like in the films.  The only other part that isn't painted this reflective gold is his right leg, which is a dull silver.  His arms are raised in front of him like he's in the middle of making some point.  And considering C-3PO is always talking and always waving his arms around, that fits the character.

About the only flaw with the appearance of the ornament is the copyright and series information.  It's located on both his feet, and it's painted on in black.  Normally, they do a better job of camouflaging this, usually by embossing it or painting it a slightly different color.  Since the ornament feels smoother than normal, maybe that couldn't get that system to work this time.  When the ornament is lying down, it's very noticeable, but when you put it on a tree, it would be very hard to spot.

C-3PO is flatfooted, so he actually stands pretty well on his own two feet.  You do have to set him down correctly, or he'll tip over.  Once you do, he's not super steady.

Of course, that's because he's designed to hang on a Christmas tree.  The hook to hang him from is located on the top of his head, painted to blend in with the rest of the ornament.  Unfortunately, his hands being out in front of him throws him off ever so slightly, so he tips forward.  It's only noticeable if you are looking for it, so it's worth noting only in passing.

The geek in me is a bit disappointed that there's no magic element to this ornament.  A small button that gives us some of C-3PO's classic lines from the movies or even gives us a sample of the six million forms of communication he is always bragging about being fluent in would be so much fun.  Sadly, they aren't here.  However, I'm only partially upset since adding a spot for the batteries and the electronics to provide the voice would require the ornament to increase in size.  As it stands now, the ornament is pretty much in scale with the others in the series.  Plus I wouldn't want any of the great detail to be ruined by the door needed for the batteries.

So I am pleased with the C-3PO entry in the Star Wars series from Hallmark ornaments.  It's a perfect sculpt that any fan of the movies will be thrilled to add to their tree.

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Original Price: $14.95

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