Monday, June 17, 2013

Ornament Review: Santa's Wish List Letter - Making Memories #3 - 2010 Hallmark Ornament

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: Cute reminder of the days when Santa was real
Cons: None
The Bottom Line
Memories of letters
Captured with this ornament
Of snow family

What Do Snowmen Ask Santa For?

A universal part of Christmas is writing a letter to Santa asking detailing what you want for Christmas.  And that's the subject of Santa's Wish List Letter, the third entry in Hallmark's Making Memories series of ornaments.

All the ornaments in this series feature two snowmen, a parent and a child.  While blue seems to be the predominant color these snowpeople wear, they really could be either male or female.  In this case, the child is riding on the parent's back.  In his hand, he's got a red envelop that is clearly labeled "Santa Claus - North Pole."  The parent is walking out to the mailbox.  It's red with a letter and a package already coming out of it.  Running around on the ground is the snowfamily's dog.

Between the letter, the mail box, and the boots, this one has plenty of red on it.  Heck, the adult snowman even has big red stripes mixed with the turquoise on the hat.  Both of the snowmen are wearing scarves.  The child's is yellow while the adults is a yellow-green.  It's not my favorite color and one of the few things I don't like about this ornament.

Okay, so I also don't get the fact that they are going to a mailbox to send the letter when the mailman has already come.  Why not wait until tomorrow?  But I'm being picky at this point.

The ornament has plenty of glitter.  All the white surfaces that are supposed to be snow have some glitter.  That includes the snowmen, the top of the mailbox, and even the ground.  While I'm not a fan of glitter getting on my hands, I do like how the ornament looks when the light catches the glitter.

As with the others in the series, this one has a solid flat base shaped like a giant snowflake.  That makes it perfect for displaying these on any flat surface if that's what you want to do with them.

But if you're like me and want to hang the ornament, you'll be most interested in the ring located on the snowparent's head.  I thought because the snowmen are so far to one side of the ornament that the ornament might not hang straight.  But they also represent most of the weight on the ornament.  Yes, it tips slightly when it is hanging, but it is hardly noticeable.

The whole point of the Making Memories series seems to be to create cute ways to tap into nostalgia.  And Santa's Wish List Letter does that perfectly.

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Original Price: $14.95

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