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Ornament Review - Season's Treatings - Making Memories Companion Piece - 2008 Hallmark Ornament

Stars: 4 out of 5
Pros: Cute ornament
Cons: Why isn't it part of the series?
The Bottom Line
Freshly baked cookies
Delicious memories
Series compliment

Let Snowmen Bake You Christmas Cookies in this Making Memories Companion Piece

2008 saw the release of Making Memories, a series that features a snowparent and snowchild participating in various Christmas activities.  It also saw the release of Season's Treatings!  While not an official part of the series, it is obviously a companion ornament that collectors of the series will want.

This ornament features our snowparent and snowchild holding a plate of frosted sugar cookies.  Okay, so the cookies are a little on the brown side, almost making me think they are gingerbread, but the frosting on them makes me think sugar cookie.  Anyway, both of the snowpeople are wearing chef's hats.  The snowchild even has on a little apron.  The child has a cookie in one hand, while the parent has an arm around the child.  Rounding out the ornament is a little dog sitting in front of them.  All the figures are smiling.

This ornament also has a liberal amount of glitter to help the snow stand out.  It is a nice touch since this ornament is so white; the glitter gives it a hint of color.  Between the scarves and boots the characters are wearing and the cookies, we gets hints of red and green and even a little blue.

As with the ornament in the official series, this one has a nice flat base shaped like a snowflake.  It's great if you want to set the ornament out to display it since the ornament is not going to tip over at all.

The ring for hanging the ornament is at the top of the snowparent's hat.  It's slightly off center, so the ornament tips ever so slightly toward the front.  It's not very noticeable at all, however.  Most of the time you'll never notice.

I'm still a bit surprised that Hallmark released this ornament when and how they did.  Normally, companion pieces to an official series are similar in theme and character design but not so as much of a copy as this one is.  This one just screams out to be part of the Making Memories series.

Not that it wouldn't be worth buying on its own.  The snowmen are incredibly cute and look so happy together enjoying the rewards of their baking.  Anyone with kids in their life will find it absolutely priceless.

Actually, this ornament has a bit of a tie in to another popular Hallmark series.  In 2009, the year after this ornament was released, Hallmark started another series entitled Season's Treatings.  The first ornament features cookies, but not these cookies.  A different artist sculpts that series, but I still found the connection interesting.

Maybe Hallmark figured an early companion piece would increase interest in the Making Memories series.  Personally, I still think they should have held on to it for an official series piece.  Either way, Season's Treatings! is a cute addition to anyone's Christmas tree.

Be sure to check out the rest of the Making Memories series.

Original Price: $15.00

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