Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Ornament Review: A Visit from Santa #3 - Snowy Owl - 2011 Hallmark Ornament

Stars: 4 out of 5
Pros: Great small animal, cute as always
Cons: Tips noticeably forward
The Bottom Line
Santa and an owl
If they did not tip forward
They would be perfect

Whoo Whoo Will Santa Visit This Year?

Animals seem to be a popular theme for Hallmark, at least with their series ornaments.  They have several series that depict various animals.  The newest of these is A Visit from Santa.  2011 saw the third entry in this series, and this time the animal is a snowy owl.

The series is simple; it's just Santa and the animal in question.  In this case, the snowy owl is an off white, almost gray color and is resting on Santa's right arm.  He's right next to Santa's cheek, and it's a cute pose.

Santa, as always, is decked out in mostly red.  His accent color for the first time in this series is blue.  He's got a blue sash and mitten.  The hem of his robe is blue with silver stars.  The trim of his coat and hat are still the traditional white, however.  Every year, his free hand has been holding something different and this year it is a wand.  At least that's all I can think it is.  It starts almost at his feet and reached the level of his head.  There's a snow flake on the end.  It's not something I'd picture Santa with, but it looks nice in the ornament.

While Santa's robe flows down and pretty much covers his feet, there is a little bit of them sticking out of the bottom.  The rest of the base is shaped such that this ornament will stand on its own to be displayed on a mantel or shelf.  It's a bit unsteady, so a small bump will knock it over, but it is also fairly easy to get it to stand on its own.  If you turn the ornament over and look at the base, you'll find the 3 in a Christmas tree that Hallmark uses to denote that this is the third in a series.

Most of the ornaments I buy, I buy with the intention of hanging on a Christmas tree.  (We won't get into the fact that I have way too many ornaments for the trees I have yet I keep buying more.)  Hallmark has provided a ring on the top of Santa's head.  Slip a hook through that, and you'll find that this ornament tips forward.  This one is definitely enough to be noticeable.  Even when you raise it to eye level, it looks like Santa is flying.  Maybe that's why he has the magic wand, so he can fly with the owls.  It's a disappointing flaw, but not enough to ruin this ornament overall.  After all, he is still pretty much upright.

The previous two entries in this series have featured a seam in the animal.  Since the snowy owl is so small, that's not an issue here, which is a welcome change.

The balance issue with this ornament is a disappointment, but it's still cute.  If you like snowy owls, you'll be glad to add the third A Visit from Santa to your Christmas tree.

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Original Price: $12.95

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