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Restaurant Review: Domino's Pizza

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: Delicious pizza with an option for everyone
Cons: Not very healthy
The Bottom Line:
Delicious pizza
Plenty of topping options
Order one tonight

Domino's Pizza is Back on My Radar Thanks to a Second Look

Since I'm a bachelor, I think that pizza is one of the main food groups.  (Maybe that's one reason why I don't lose any weight no matter how much running I do.)  I'm not especially picky when it comes to pizza, and I'll go to whoever has the cheapest deal at the time.  For a while, I had stopped giving Domino's Pizza a chance, but I recent went back and now I'm hooked.

A few years back, Domino's made a huge deal out of changing their crust and sauce around.  I gave it a try and immediately stopped ordering from them.  The pizza I got was spicy hot, and I'm not a fan of spicy foods.  So I went with some other chains that still had pizza I enjoyed.

So what made me go back?  This summer, I got a new roommate, and he got a job at the local Domino's.  Out of loyalty to him, I decided I should give them a fresh try.  And I discovered that either they've changed their recipes again or my experience was abnormal.  I really like their pizza again.

One thing I like about Domino's is their crust.  Yes, I'm a crust eater.  Most of the time, it's just bread, which is fine.  But Domino's actually flavors their crust, so it tastes like breadsticks.  Yes, the extra oil and spices has to be extra healthy for me, right?  Based on taste alone, the crust is great.

The flavor of the rest of the pizza is good as well.  Their sauce is good and they use enough cheese that you can really taste it.  While they don't scrimp on toppings, the pizzas could definitely use more.  I've seen pizzas with much less, however.  They have all the standard toppings, and you can chose to order your pizza to your specifications or you can chose one of their "feasts" or "American Legends" pizzas, which are pizzas with some pretty standard combos on them.  A few of the American Legends have unusual combos, so they are worth checking out.  Domino's has also recently introduced some "Artisan" Pizzas.  They seem to be the most unusual combos yet.  I've actually tried a couple and they weren't bad, although I don't think I would order them over a more traditional pizza.

Did I mention that you also have the option of selecting your own sauce?  Yes, if you are daring enough to choose something  other than traditional tomato sauce, you can go with a white sauce or a BBQ sauce.  As a lover of BBQ sauce, this last option is great, and I've made a few great combos with it as my base.

Want something other than pizza?  While some pizza places have salads, that doesn't seem to be an option.  But Domino's does have pasta bowls and oven roasted sandwiches that you can choose.  I haven't tried them.  I go to Domino's for pizza, and I just haven't wanted to try something different.

And they have the famous breadstick, cheesy bread, and Cinna Stix you can order as a side.  I tend not to order them because I'm cheap, but they are so delicious when I have them.  Or, if chicken is more your style, you can get sides of boneless chicken or chicken wings.

While you can call your locals Domino's to place an order, I've stopped doing that in favor of their website.  It is very easy to use, and you know that you've ordered exactly what you want.  Plus there's no hold time if they are busy, and they'll track the progress of your order for you.

Domino's is famous for their delivery.  While they no longer guarantee delivery in half an hour, that is still a convenient way to get dinner.  However, they do charge a delivery fee.  Personally, I actually go to the store and pick it up.  This usually means I get my pizza in 15 minutes instead of the half hour to hour it can take when they are very busy.

And they seem to always have deals.  I get coupons in the mail almost weekly.  Their web site has the same deals plus a few web exclusives.  If you look around, you can probably find a deal on what you want to order.

As much as I love pizza (and who doesn't), I really try not to have it as often as I want it.  With how good it tastes, it can't be good for you.  But boy it sure does taste good.  Their web page includes a link for nutritional info at the bottom that will tell you how many calories your favorite pizza has, what allergens they might use, and even list some lighter options.

If it's been a while since you've tried Domino's Pizza, I suggest you give them another try.  You might be surprised at how good they are.  I know I was.  And if you haven't tried them at all, consider them the next time you want some pizza.

Now, what combination of toppings should I order for dinner tonight?

(Note: While my current roommate works for Domino's, I haven't been paid to write this review in any way.  In fact, he doesn't know I'm writing it.  If I still didn't like Domino's, I would have just not posted a review at all.)

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