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Ornament Review: Han Solo as Storm Trooper - Star Wars #13 - 2009 Hallmark Ornament

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: Great mold, perfect balance
Cons: Face just slightly off
The Bottom Line
Han is in disguise
Hide him on your Christmas tree
Where fans will love him

Han has an Almost Perfect Disguise as an Ornament Stormtrooper

Over the course of Hallmark's Star Wars ornament series, they have done some of the characters twice.  Han Solo was the third ornament in the series they did, and it took them ten years to get back around to him.  But 2009's Han Solo in his Stormtrooper disguise was well worth the wait.

The inspiration for this ornament comes from the first movie when Han and Luke Skywalker are sneaking aboard the Death Star to try to rescue Princess Leia.  They know if they are spotted they will quickly be taken prisoner themselves.  So they take the armor of some Stormtroopers passing by so they can explore the ship undetected.

Since Stormtroopers are mostly white with black joints in their armor, this ornament is mostly white.  Han has his left foot forward, and his right one slightly bent like he's ready to fire the gun he's holding in his hands.

The one detail that would ruin the disguise is the fact that Han isn't wearing a helmet like the Stormtroopers do.  If he were wearing one, of course, we'd never know it was him under there.  Kind of defeats the purpose, right, especially since they've already done a Stormtrooper ornament.  It's a minor detail that frankly doesn't really bother me.  Beside, he takes off his helmet a couple times in this scene of the movie, so that makes it okay, right?

Now, looking at the ornament, I would have guessed that Han would have trouble standing on his own two feet.  Turns out I was wrong.  No, he's not the most stable, but if you set him on his feet and don't hit the table or shelf where you have him, he'll stand up just fine.

The hook for hanging him on your tree is on the top of his head.  The ornament is perfectly balanced, so Han hangs straight.

Since this is part of a series, Hallmark has a 13 in a Christmas tree hidden near the copyright information.  I looked at Han's feet for this information, but it wasn't there, not too surprising since his feet are small and the bottoms are black.  Searching the ornament, I found it fairly quickly, but it is just raised into the ornament and won't distract from the overall design in the slightest.

If I had to find one nitpick, it's the face.  It looks like Harrison Ford who plays Han, but it doesn't.  Something small is off about the face, and I can't quite put my finger on it.  Maybe it's the fact that he looks a little mad, which doesn't fit Han most of the time.  He's got an impish grin even when he's not happy.  Either way, it's not a big deal at all.

So Han is two for two with good ornaments in the Star Wars line.  Han Solo's turn as a Stormtrooper will please fans of the series who will love having it on their Christmas tree.

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Original Price: $15.00

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