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Ornament Review: Luke Skywalker from Empire Strikes Back - Star Wars #14 - 2010 Hallmark Ornament

Stars: 4 out of 5
Pros: Great details in the sculpt; good balance
Cons: The face is just slightly off
The Bottom Line
Mark thirty years of
Empire with Luke searching
for R2-D2

Luke's Looking Too Good to Truly Represent Empire, but He Still Makes a Fine Ornament

It was the perfect storm for me.  I rewatched the Star Wars movies this year while also starting to collect Hallmark ornaments.  The result?  I've bought the ornaments in the official Star Wars series from Hallmark as well as a few of their others.  Since 2010 represents the 30th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back, the ornaments this year have focused on that movie.  Their official ornament series celebrates with a third ornament of Luke Skywalker, and it's pretty good.

This ornament features Luke not too long after he's arrived on Dagobah to find Yoda.  He's seen in his orange flight suit with his belt and vest still attached.  He's got his gun out in his right hand since this captures the moment when Luke is desperately looking into the swamp trying to spot the creature that is trying to eat his droid, R2-D2.

This is a very good sculpt of Luke with lots of detail.  His orange jumpsuit has lots of wrinkles and texture in all the right places based on how he is standing.  You can't quite tell what is on his vest and belt, but even so the details to them are pretty impressive.

The only real flaw with the sculpt is his face.  It almost looks like Mark Hamill, but it's just slightly off.  I can't quite put my finger on what is wrong.  One flaw I can spot right away is that his face is missing the injuries inflicted on him at the beginning of the film by the creature on Hoth.  Okay, I'm not sure how they could do that part successfully without making it very creepy, so I will let that one slide.

Luke is in mid-step in this ornament.  Normally, that makes it hard to balance the ornament if you try to stand it up, and this ornament is no exception.  If you stick a few thicknesses of paper under his left foot, you can get a slightly better result, but even then he doesn't really balance that well.

He does balance well, however.  When you stick an ornament hanger in the hook located on the back of his neck (and yes, it does look painful there), you'll see that he hangs pretty much straight.

I mentioned earlier that this is part of the official Star Wars ornament line from Hallmark.  Finding the 14 in a Christmas tree is a bit more of a hunt than on normal series ornaments.  It's not on his shoes, but that's all I'm telling you.  I had to look closely to spot it, and I had a blast looking for it.

Face aside, this is a good ornament to celebrate The Empire Strikes BackLuke Skywalker makes for a geeky ornament, but any one who loves the series will be glad to get him.

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Original Price: $14.95

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