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Ornament Review: Oh, So Sweet! - Christmas Cupcakes #1 - 2010 Hallmark Ornament

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: Delicious looking cupcake with beautiful poinsettia decoration
Cons: Slight balance issue (which might be a plus).
The Bottom Line
Christmas Cupcakes series
Is off to festive start with
Poinsettia top

Sweet Start to the Christmas Cupcakes Series

Hallmark makes so many ornaments from plastic or plaster these days that it's easy to forget they used to make them out of other things.  They are changing that a little with Oh, So Sweet!, the first in a new Christmas Cupcakes series.  And the majority of the ornament is made from felt.

As you'd guess from the series title, this is a cupcake ornament.  The cupcake "paper" is made from plastic, so there is a nice firm something you can grab to hold the ornament.  But the rest is nice soft felt.  There's a bit of the dark brown cupcake sticking out of the paper, so this must be a chocolate cupcake.  That is topped with at least an inch of white frosting.  The frosting looks like it was piped on via a hole in a plastic bag since it's in a series of strips and even has lines in those strips.

What sold me on this cupcake is the decoration on top.  I love poinsettias (although I kill at least one every year).  Lying on top of the cupcake is a red poinsettia flower, always made out of felt.  Underneath the bloom is one green leaf, and there are three little gold balls in the middle.  It's a nice touch.

Speaking of nice touches, this ornament also has large flakes of glitter.  I'm not a big fan of glitter by itself since it flakes off and winds up everywhere.  However, the glitter here is a very nice touch since it looks like sugar added as a decoration to the cupcake.

All told, the ornament is a couple of inches tall.  It's a nice scale to put on your tree.

Instead of the normal hook that Hallmark puts on their ornaments for hanging, this one has a small gold cord in the middle of the flower.  It actually looks like part of the decorations.  The middle of the flower must not be quite centered on the cupcake because it tips slightly to one side.  However, that's not necessarily a bad thing since it means if you hang it right, you can see more of the top, which has the majority of the decorations.

This ornament was originally going to be a stand alone ornament.  Part way through production, they decided to make it into a series.  As a result, not all the ornaments have the Christmas tree marking on the bottom that Hallmark uses for their series.  Mine does.  In fact, when you turn it over, it's hard to miss since it is in black, while the rest of the copyright information down there is clear raised text.  It must have been easier at the late date to stamp it rather than redesign the mold for the cupcake paper.

Since this ornament is made from felt, the possibility exhists that it could get slightly crush or the nice white icing on top change color over the years.  Hopefully, that won't happen, but for now the ornament looks great.

I bought this ornament late in 2010.  I was hesitant to start a new series, especially since I don't know how the next few will look.  But even if I don't continue on, the poinsettia theme of Oh, So Sweet! is enough to make me glad I bought the first in the Christmas Cupcakes series.

Be sure to check out the rest of the Christmas Cupcakes series.

Original Price: $9.95

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