Monday, June 24, 2013

Ornament Review: Dreams Do Come True - 2011 Hallmark Ornament

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: Beautiful ornament with fun sound clips
Cons: None
The Bottom Line:
Beautiful looking
Two song clips add to the fun
Disney fans will love

I'm Dreaming of More Ornaments Like Dreams Do Come True

As big a Disney fan as I am, I’m not that big on the Disney Princesses.  Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy the movies, but my eye skims right past all the merchandise for them when I see them in various stores.  But there is something magical about Dreams Do Come True, and the instant I saw it, I knew I had to have it.

This ornament features Cinderella.  She’s dressed in the blue gown she is wearing for the famous ball scene.  Her hair’s up in the bun, and she’s smiling.  She’s holding up the sides of her dress, giving a nice wide front to her dress.  On it is a raised scene of the pumpkin carriage heading up the path to the castle.  The images are just white or lighter blue, so it looks very nice and classy.  There are bits of glitter on the ornament, mostly on the castle, carriage, and the folds of the dress.  It’s a nice touch and not so over done you wind up with glitter everywhere when you pick it up.

Honestly, if Hallmark just released a line of ornaments like this with the various princesses in the fancy dresses and a scene from their story on the front, I would buy them.  The ornament looks nice; it’s a real work of art.

However, they didn’t stop there.  When you put the included button batteries in the bottom of the ornament and press the button almost hidden on the right side of the ornament, you’ll hear one of two clips from the movie.  Both are from “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes,” which Cinderella sings at the beginning of the film.  One’s from the beginning of the movie; one’s from the end.  Neither clip is very long, only about 10 seconds each.  They’re just long enough to put a smile on your face and add a wonderful touch to an already classy ornament.

Because the speaker for the sound is on the bottom of the ornament, there are little nobs down there that allow the ornament to stand flat on any flat surface.  There’s a hook on the top of Cinderella’s bun for hanging her on your tree.  She hangs straight when you slip a hook in there and lift her up.

I really do hope that Hallmark does this for other Disney characters.  Heck, I would even love it if they did this for some of the non-princess movies.  I’m already dreaming of all the possibilities for future years.  After all, Hallmark does have several unofficial series they add to almost every year.

Either way, I will enjoy Dreams Do Come True.  It’s a shame I’ll only enjoy it at Christmas because it really is a work of art.

Original Price: $17.95

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