Saturday, June 22, 2013

Ornament Review: Jazzy All the Way - 2011 Hallmark Disney Ornament

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: Fun use of Disney characters, best Magic Cord interaction
Cons: Pricy
The Bottom Line
Jazzy Jingle Bells
The light and sound are perfect
Worth the higher price

My Favorite Hallmark Magic Cord Ornament, and Not Just Because It's Disney

I had no desire to get sucked into Hallmark's new Magic Cord system for select ornaments.  That's laughable now since I have jumped onto the bandwagon full force.  And the ornament that started by downfall?  Jazzy All the Way.

This ornament finds Mickey, Donald, and Goofy forming a street corner band.  They're dressed in coats and scarves.  Mickey and Donald have top hats on while Goofy is wearing a flatter hat.  Goofy is playing the sax, Mickey has a horn, and Donald is ringing bells.  Behind them is a street lamp that glows.

Hallmark's Magic Cord is a way to create fancier ornaments that include light and sound.  For those elements to work, you have to plug the ornament into a specially created cord that then plugs into the wall.  But what's really cool is that all the ornaments connected to the same cord interact so that when one ornament is playing its music, all the others are reacting to it.

There are three different colored spotlights on this ornament.  When it is on and just sitting there, the lights rotate, spotlighting each character in turn.

The button to turn this ornament on is located on the base between Mickey and Goofy.  When you press it, you get to hear a very cool jazz version of "Jingle All the Way."  The music only uses the three instruments the characters are playing, and when their instrument is playing, their spotlight is on.  The song lasts about 25 seconds and is lots of fun.  But even more fun is how the rest of the ornaments react to this one.  The lights on any ornament connected to this string turns on and off in time to the music.  And when Donald hits the bells at the end, they all pop on.  It makes me smile when I watch it.

This ornament is about four inches tall and four inches wide from side to side, so it's a little bigger than many ornaments.  The base is flat, so you could display this on a shelf or mantle if you wanted to.  I'd just make sure you can connect the ornament to the power cord because that's most of the fun.

The ornament isn't as heavy to hang as you might expect, although I'd still want it on a bigger branch on my tree.  It tips forward very slightly, but it's not enough that you would notice.

The biggest downside with this and all the ornaments that use the power cord is the price.  This one originally sold for $29.95.  But in my mind the magic elements make it totally worth it.

My wallet isn't happy that I started collecting these more expensive ornaments, but Jazzy All the Way is so much fun I just couldn't resist.

Original Price: $29.95

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