Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Index: Peanuts Ornaments

I love the comic strip Peanuts, so I've bought many of Hallmark's Peanuts ornaments.  Here are my reviews of them.

Christmastime is Here!
The Doctor Is In
Good Grief, Charlie Brown
Hangin' with Count Snoopy
Happiness is a Warm Cookie
Ho! Ho! Ho! Tasty Snow!
In the Groove
In the Spirit
Joe Cool Rocks!
Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown
Once Upon a Holiday
A Pair of Aces
Pigpen Builds a Snowman
School Days
Sunday Funnies
Thanksgiving Feast
What Christmas is All About
Peanuts Year: Display Stand
Peanuts Year: Fun at the Beach
Peanuts Year: All Set for School
Peanuts Year: Waiting for the Great Pumpkin
Peanuts Year: Giving Thanks
Peanuts Year: A Very Special Tree
Peanuts Year: New Year's Celebration
Peanuts Year: Linus's Big Heart
Peanuts Year: St. Patty's Day?
Peanuts Year: It's the Easter Beagle
Peanuts Year: Sally's Spring Bouquet
Peanuts Year: Charlie's Favorite Pastime
Peanuts Year: Patriotic Pals
Spotlight on Snoopy: Joe Cool
Spotlight on Snoopy: Flying Ace
Spotlight on Snoopy: Detective
Spotlight on Snoopy: Beaglescout
Spotlight on Snoopy: Literary Ace
Spotlight on Snoopy: Joe Cool #2
Spotlight on Snoopy: Winning Ticket
Spotlight on Snoopy: Snoopy the Magnificent
Spotlight on Snoopy: Legal Beagle
Spotlight on Snoopy: Spaceman Snoopy
Spotlight on Snoopy: Patriotic Pals
Spotlight on Snoopy: Firefighter Snoopy
Spotlight on Snoopy: Artist
Spotlight on Snoopy: Grill Master Snoopy
Spotlight on Snoopy: Fisherman Snoopy
Spotlight on Snoopy: Bird-Watcher Snoopy
Spotlight on Snoopy: Officer Snoopy
Spotlight on Snoopy: Building Buddies Snoopy
Spotlight on Snoopy: Green Thumb Snoopy
Winter Fun with Snoopy 1 - Supper Dish Sledding
Winter Fun with Snoopy 2 - Skiing
Winter Fun with Snoopy 3 - Hockey
Winter Fun with Snoopy 4 - Ice Skating
Winter Fun with Snoopy 5 - Snowboarding
Winter Fun with Snoopy 6 - Snow Angel
Winter Fun with Snoopy 7 - Decorating a Tree
Winter Fun with Snoopy 8 - Sledding
Winter Fun with Snoopy 9 - Ice Fishing
Winter Fun with Snoopy 10 - Christmas Card
Winter Fun with Snoopy 11 - Building a Snowman
Winter Fun with Snoopy 12 - Exchanging Presents
Winter Fun with Snoopy 13 - Ice Sculpting
Winter Fun with Snoopy 14 - Tubing
Winter Fun with Snoopy 14 - Tubing Repaint
Winter Fun with Snoopy 15 - Bringing Home a Tree
Winter Fun with Snoopy 16 - Catching Snowflakes
Peanuts Wireless Band - Schroeder
Peanuts Wireless Band - Charlie Brown
Peanuts Wireless Band - Lucy
Peanuts Wireless Band - Snoopy
Peanuts Wireless Band - Linus
Peanuts Wireless Band

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